Friday, February 18, 2011

Breast Massage To Prevent Cancer

Using the bra too often can increase the risk of breast cancer. How to prevent, reduce the use of a bra and breast massage regularly. 

A study involving 4700 women found the use of a bra or breast brace shown to increase breast cancer risk. Compared with women who never use a bra at all, women who frequently use the bra has a higher risk of breast cancer. 

Beautytips Launched on Monday (08/06/2007), the cause is pressure on the breast can restrict the flow of toxins that will exit from the breasts. In addition, the hard pressure from the bra can cause blood vessels constrict lymph, so that the flow of toxin removal from the breast can be inhibited. 

To avoid the risk of breast cancer that is caused by a bra or breast support, someone suggested using a bra is not more than 12 hours a day. Also as much as possible to choose the right bra and not too hard pressed breast. 

In addition, breast massage therapy is also recommended to facilitate blood flow to and from the breast. Massage gently on the breast are believed to provide positive benefits and reduce the risk of breast cancer. Massage with gentle to moderate pressure is very influential to increase lymph and blood flow to the breast. 

How do I do that? 

First of all must be known if the texture of each woman's breast is different. Pressure massage should also be adjusted with the texture of the breast. Soft-textured breasts should be massaged gently, while the harder-textured breast can be massaged with medium pressure. 

Breast massage should be done twice a week. Can be done without using oil or by using vegetable oil as a lubricant. Please note you should not use mineral-based oils or aromatherapy oils. 

The steps are: 

Perform massage movements that move from the nipple out. Pressure should not louder than the pressure that can be accepted by your eyelids. Hard pressure can make the blood vessels and stop the flow of lymph depressed toxins and other fluids. Massage should be done slowly in order to achieve maximum results. 

Massage your breast with both hands, like squeezing motion. Use two hands carefully and slowly with clockwise motion and vice versa. Note Do not press too hard breasts. 

Do movements like figure 4 with medium pressure. The movement is believed to be useful for circulation of fluid from the breast. 

Important note: 
If while massaging you can feel a lump you should immediately visit a doctor for further examination. Massage should not be done again in the area that there is a bump 

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